Requirements for a valid return

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your order, you may return it as long as your item meets the following criteria:

How to return

Note that we cannot accept returns for defective items after 14 days since delivery. Should you detect any defect with the product and the time frame for returns has elapsed, please contact the manufacturer directly to handle any warranty issues. You can of course still contact us to help you find the right service center.

Reasons for returns

When selecting the reason for return on the Return Form, please be guided by the following table:

Reason Description

Does not fit – size too small

Clothing item is too small (please indicate if you would exchange against bigger size; subject to availability)

Does not fit – size too big

Clothing item is too big (please indicate if you would like to change against smaller size; subject to availability)

Quality - damaged

Damaged upon delivery

Quality - defective

Does not work according to manufacturer specification

Quality – below expectations

Quality of item is not in line with what was sold on the website

Delivery – parts missing

Parts of the item were missing

Delivery – wrong product

Not the product the customer ordered (includes wrong size and wrong color)

Presentation – different on website

Item does not match website specifications, description, or image, and issue is attributable to a website error/misinformation

Customer – mistake

Items were mistakenly ordered


Other reasons (please explain)

Items that cannot be returned

We will not accept returns for any of the following product types:


The refund will be processed after we have completed evaluating your return. In order to make the process as fast as possible, we will refund you via a voucher that can be used only on BAFFS HQ BOUTIQUE.This voucher is valid for one year. Should you wish for another refund method, please indicate it on the return form including all your bank details.
Please allow for following timelines for replacements or refunds counting from the date of retrieval or sending through DHL before contacting us:

Customer location Timeline


5 days


10 days


14 days