About Us

Baffs Head Quarters Limited is a private limited liability company incorporated in Nigeria in 2007 with registration number: BN 2049085.Baffs hq Boutique is a unisex retail boutique that prides itself in delivering quality designer items to its numerous customers at affordable prices in a conducive and relaxed environment.


Our Objective

To us, it is all about creating perfect outfits for our customers, no matter what their size, style or occasion may be. Whatever the look,we garner tremendous satisfaction from helping our clients create a style that’s true to their personalities and figures. We love making our clients look – and feel – simply fabulous each and every day.We at Baffs HQ cater to today’s trend-savvy fashionistas who command the most in style, but shy away from the attitude that other stores so often exude.

Return Policy

Baffs HQ Boutique strives to provide its customers with the highest quality, authentic designer merchandise and service, and is one of very few sellers that offer buyers a "satisfaction guaranteed" shopping experience.When buying an item, please contact us if you have any questions whatsoever about the product, i.e., size, color, leather type, etc. Before we ship your purchase, we want to make certain that you are buying exactly what you want and expect.

When you receive your item, please examine it carefully, including checking for any defects, and making sure it is what you ordered. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply let us know within 24 hours of receiving the item.You will then be instructed on how to proceed, we have a 14 free return policy which can be used to return the item the way it was delivered. All items will be equipped with a "security tag". Once the security tag has been removed, this item may not be returned. Seller is not responsible for damage caused by the buyer.

All items must be shipped back in exactly the same condition as received with security tag attached, i.e., same care in packaging. ALL security tags, designer tags or cards, dust bags, and security labels must be intact. USED merchandise will not be taken back.

Guarantee of Authenticity

All of our merchandise is new and authentic from US, European and African Designer Boutiques, etc., and is being sold at a discount. We do not sell fake/counterfeit merchandise or seconds/returns.We provide detailed information on each designer product, describing the basic materials, designs, etc. of the item, as well as item specific attributes (to include measurements, interior design, and other specific information). Unlike some businesses, we usually provide several pictures of each item, which hopefully gives the buyer better information before purchasing. However, photos can never be as accurate as an in-person inspection of the item.

Without exception, Designer merchandise has a "quality" look and feel that cannot be matched. Please keep in mind that even Designer merchandise, whether machine manufactured or hand-made cannot always be perfect or last forever. However, if any of our customers incur any problems with their purchase, we will try to resolve the issue either through repair or exchange (up to 14 days from date of purchase).